Our name is - Yasmin

Hi, I am Yasmin, the first-born of Tori – co-founder of bedoco. My father and mother started their silver business more than 21 years ago and named it Yasmin Silver after me. It makes sense that I find myself ready to come back and design jewelry. I am a professional contemporary dancer – I studied and worked in Europe for the past five years. In between jobs I have been home, helping Denise and  Tori on designs for their project.

I have had the extreme pleasure to have traveled with them to Africa three times so far and to Kalimantan once. I love to see Denise and my mother’s passion in this project they are pursuing and hope to be a part of it for a long time.

bedoco to me means be creative… do find a way to make a difference for good in the world… and conscientiously live creating as little waste as possible.

The Yasmin line of designs is exclusive to bedoco.