Friends of the National Parks Foundation, Kalimantan

The Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) was founded in 1997 and works to protect wildlife, restore habitat, and improve the wellbeing of local communities. Founder and Director, I Gede Nyoman Bayu Wirayudha – or simply Bayu – is a passionate advocate of FNPF’s mission to develop and implement best management practices to reach the long-term goal of sustainable conservation by integrating local community wellbeing with the environment.

Tori and Denise met with Bayu in late 2018 to discuss bedoco support for FNPF, and decided that for our first season, the focus will be Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). Borneo is home to the legendary ‘man of the forest’ – the orangutan, as well as a host of other amazing animals like proboscis monkeys, gibbons, macaques, sun bears, giant squirrels, and in the far northeast corner, pygmy elephants. All are under threat – Borneo has lost half its orangutans in recent years owing to deforestation, and the species is now classified as critically endangered.  There are hundreds of species of birds including hornbills, babblers and toucans; again, numbers are declining mainly due to loss of habitat.

Tori, Alma and Raditya have all had the chance to spend time in the FNPF centre in the Tanjung Puting National Park, and Tori & Raditya visited one of the last remaining Dayak tribes in the area. Many NGOs focus their attention on the orangutans and other animals themselves, but FNPF wants to focus on their habitat and the people who live within and around that habitat. It is these people, surely, who are best-placed to protect the orangutan and other wildlife.

bedoco supports …

bedoco will support the ‘Sponsor a Hectare of Orangutan Habitat’ project, which is devoted to restoring native forest habitat:

Reforest 10 Hectares of Orangutan Habitat

  • Objective: to save Indonesia’s endangered wildlife in Kalimantan by restoring native forest habitat
  • Quantity: 10 hectares
  • Budget: USD 1,750 per hectare
  • Includes the cost of growing saplings in the nursery, planting and follow-up maintenance for 3 years


Meet some of the team in Kalimantan ….

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