Our name is - Bahagia

After many years of working and living in Indonesia I am thrilled to finally be a part of a project that gives something back, not only to Indonesia but to Africa as well. I have been working with Tori for a long time and I am a witness of her deep commitment for the environmentalist cause and now for this project, with which she is able to unite her superb knowledge and expertise in the jewellery making industry with her true passion.

I feel very inspired and grateful for this opportunity to work with the whole bedoco team and alongside other talented designers creating little pieces of wearable art that we hope will become keepsakes, constant reminders and conversation starters of the beautiful and important cause behind it. I am very proud of the results so far and I am sure bedoco pieces will travel the world spreading awareness and inspiring more people to Be Do Co.

For me bedoco means BE inspired to make changes, DO what you can to help the cause and COnsciously live and act to help create a better world, because I believe that every change begins with ourselves, in small daily habits.

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