Our name is - Aku Boutique

My name is Agus Suryanto. I created AKU Boutique as a celebration of both my own culture and the distinctive style of people who wear my products. My special line for bedoco, Inspirations in Silk, is a collection of AKU silk scarves with designs inspired by the nature and wildlife of Indonesia and Africa.

My jewelry, scarves, bags and clothing, though contemporary in design, reflect my lifelong interest in the colors, fabrics and designs of my country, Indonesia – and also the sustainability of the myriad cultures and identities that produced them.

In joining the bedoco team I want to collaborate with people around the world to preserve wildlife habitat and support the people involved.

Through my designs – designs that reflect these magnificent animals – I hope to inspire you, and invite you to find out more about the challenges of balancing the needs of people and wildlife in Africa and Indonesia.

I want my creations to be an inspiration for us all to develop awareness, and I want to do something constructive to inspire action. bedoco affords me the opportunity to collaborate with others and connect with conservation projects, it gives me a way to commit to wildlife conservation.

Please do join us and become an agent for change. Collaborate with bedoco and its designers, buy our products, and spread the news. Let’s take action to ensure the sustainability of these marvellous wildlife projects.

If you like these special AKU Boutique designs for bedoco, check out the AKU Instagram account for more of Bagus’ designs. Click here