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Jewelry with a Purpose

be inspired, be aware, be generous, be kind
do care, do something to make a difference
connect with wildlife causes, commit to giving back, live with passion and compassion
Designs commissioned from top designers across the world to celebrate wildlife conservation.
Shop in our store – we donate 50% of 0ur profits to conservation.
Wear your heart on your sleeve, your fingers, your wrists – indeed all over your body.
Give back to wildlife conservation in Africa and Indonesia with your style choices.
Follow the photo gallery celebrating the natural world, the animals, the people.
Join the bedoco community and share inspiring stories with the world.

Life in Bali for the past 30 years has been good. I have a jewelry manufacturing business, grown from nothing in partnership with my Javanese husband. I have three children all of whom are now involved in the family business one way or another.

I travelled a lot in America, Europe and Asia when I was younger, and then I landed in Bali – which is where life sort of took over. For the past few years, with the kids more independent and the business well-established, I have been back on the road exploring and have discovered that I love it more than ever. Picking up and learning the ins and outs of DSLR cameras has enhanced this pleasure and has taken me to ever more beautiful and inspiring destinations all over the world.

On Instagram, I have fallen in love with this gallery hashtag, “finding my focus”, which seems to strike a chord with me. Part of finding my focus has been to create bedoco, which enables me to combine my life and business in Indonesia, my love of Africa, my travelling obsession, and this new passion for photography. Focusing in on bedoco with Denise, my friend and travel partner for more than 25 years, has given me a new purpose for my passions: to give back to conservation projects that support animals, habitats and communities.

The be of be.do.co for me is to be open: open to change, to new ideas and experiences, to finding happiness daily. The do is do take: take time to be with the ones you love, take advantage of every moment, take what’s been given to you and use it to help others. Co is equally to collect memories, experiences, friends and not things, and collaborate … on ideas, projects, business, making our journey more interesting and less lonely. be.do.co

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Indonesia is where I have lived and worked for more than 30 years with my husband and son. From the eastern islands, still redolent with the scent of spices to the volcanoes of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores; to Sumba with its megalithic stones or Toraja with its unique architecture and rugged scenery; to the last remaining forests in Kalimantan where orangutans still survive; to the hill tribes and birds of paradise in Papua … there is so much to stir the imagination.

Africa – Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and still more places to visit (and re-visit). Tori and I first went on safari in 2013 and we have been back every year since. We have seen astonishingly rich wildlife, savannah, tropical forests, volcanic lakes, so much natural beauty. We have walked, canoed, trekked, driven, been driven, flown, ridden camels … been joined by friends and family … made friends … made memories … dreamed dreams … and now we want to give back.

In Indonesia and in many African countries, there are alarming threats to this amazing diversity of nature. Human-wildlife conflict, poaching, exploitation for commerce – there is a lot to be sad about, to be mad about, to want to do something about. And so together Tori and I have created bedoco, a socially and globally conscious shopping site, as a way to give back and to give us an even stronger connection to the places we have been and the people we have met. We can be inspired, we can do something to make a difference, and most importantly we can collaborate with extraordinary, compassionate people, and give back to remarkable conservation projects. bedoco

More about be.do.co

bedoco  – It’s a road to action, a way to feel the choices you make can make a difference. It’s about being inspired, aware and generous. It’s about doing something to make a difference, supporting those whose work on the conservation frontline improves the chances of survival of precious animal life in Africa and Indonesia. It’s about caring and connecting to global wildlife causes with commitment and passion.

bedoco’s website allows you to explore wildlife conservation projects in Africa and Indonesia; to read the story of bedoco founders, Tori and Denise; to learn of their commitment to support people who have founded conservation projects that are community-based and are making a difference to both animal and human communities. The projects we support work in areas where the threat of extinction to vital species and the loss of habitat grows daily more imminent. It is these personal connections and relationships with the communities that make bedoco an effective source of direct support.  

bedoco means that your choices can and do make a difference.

bedoco means that your choices move wildlife conservation programs closer to success: the protection of vulnerable animals, ecosystems and communities.

Shop in the store to find beautiful creations with meaning and connection and know that we will donate 50% of our profits to make a direct, positive impact in the race to preserve this diverse and beautiful planet.

Read the stories of our founders’ adventures in remote regions of Africa and Indonesia, and join the bedoco community in being and doing what we all believe in.

At bedoco our aim is to create a tangible, giving opportunity for those who, like us, wish to promote the efforts of local wildlife conservationists and support them in their daily challenge to protect and preserve.

At bedoco our experience is personal, the projects we support are ones we have visited and spent time with – and we maintain direct contact with all the projects we support. You can read more about each project through links in our website and please feel inspired to one day visit and see first-hand what remarkable sacrifices are being made so that global diversity and forests are preserved for the good of all living beings. 

At bedoco we invite you to wear your heart on your sleeve, your fingers, your wrists – in fact all over your body – to show just how much you believe in our mission to protect and preserve and do have compassion for the wild animals of the world.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together"

~African Proverb


bedoco wants to create a network, a community of people committed to ‘giving back’ so that wildlife can thrive in their natural environment in balance with the needs of the human race. We want to share stories of courage and compassion, tell tales of wonder, and feature photos & videos from top wildlife photographers. We want to chart new journeys. If you would like to connect with us, or if you have ideas for collaboration, please contact us. In the words of the African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. Let’s go far in this journey to honour and protect the wildlife of Africa and Indonesia, together.


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